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Homescapes MOD APK 5.8.3 (Unlimited Stars)

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Homescapes offers great match-3 fun. You participate in cute minigames and accompany Austin when designing a beautiful mansion. Download here!

Homescapes is a casual & puzzle game. The content is about Austin butler, and he wants to rebuild his old house and meet his loved ones again. Along the way, you solve thousands of challenging levels to buy new pieces of furniture, such as carpets and armchairs.

Ready to design the villa interior according to your preferences?

Introduction to “Homescapes”

Homescapes is a puzzle & match-3 game, with a 210 MB Download Size, which Requires Android 4.4 or higher; it was released in September 2017, Powered by Playrix, and reached over 100 million official downloads on GooglePlay. Playrix has released many impressive casual games, such as Fishdom, Township, and Manor Matters.

Homescapes emphasizes puzzles, and match-3 is the main experience. It would help if you moved the candy to make match-3 and complete the mission. The more match-3 challenges you complete, the faster you can restore the family mansion. Get ready to pass levels, complete many exciting minigames and earn lots of bonuses!

An exciting match-3 game that you should not miss

Homescapes is one of the most famous products of Playrix studio. Players Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful mansion on a verdant street. Get ready for an exciting adventure with Austin butler!

The game has an interesting plot, and you unlock all the chapters to discover an interesting family story. Although the game is free, you need to use real money to buy some additional items.

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Addictive Gameplay and simple controls

Homescapes has addictive Gameplay and simple controls. In this exciting game, you accompany Austin on an exciting journey. Austin wants to renovate his childhood manor and the surrounding area, so you help Austin by doing thousands of match-3 quests.

The house is huge, so you have hours of fun exploring as many quests and objectives become available. Try to explore the entire neighborhood to unlock more exciting features!

The Gameplay is relatively simple. If you want to build a mansion or buy new furniture, you need stars. You only collect valuable leads by completing the match-3 challenge.

Based on familiar puzzle content, you have to play match-3 minigames, and they are similar to Candy Crush & Bejeweled. The game’s rules are very simple; you need to put at least three stones of the same color together to create an explosion. Each challenge has a certain number of moves, and the number of turns & stage structure depends on difficulty.

Note that you take advantage of special stones, like rockets, to sweep all the stones vertically and horizontally; The bomb explodes the surrounding stones, and the multicolored stone destroys all the stones involved.

The game has thousands of different levels, and you can meet dozens of interesting NPCs. The more challenges you complete, the deeper you’ll explore the content and learn more about Austin and his loved ones’ main story.

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Design the villa to your liking

Homescapes allows you to build the villa to your liking, so you can show off your design skills by furnishing and decorating many popular areas such as the kitchen, the hall, the orangery, the garden, garage.

The game introduces thousands of design options, so players can explore the creative possibilities and change the design at any time to create the house of their dreams. Each item has three style options to experiment with different styles.

Besides the diverse item system, players can also get acquainted with friendly NPCs, each with their characteristics and personality. Get ready to enjoy every moment of great entertainment and experience each character’s exciting story!

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Beautiful 3D graphics and impressive sounds

Homescapes also impresses with simple 2D graphics, and the colors are brilliant so that players will be satisfied after a long experience. The design style is cute, so it’s suitable for anyone.

In addition, the background music is gentle and has many impressive effects. You enjoy hearing “ting” sounds or explosions. Thanks to the perfect combination, you are sure to love the exciting Gameplay and the graphics and sound.

In particular, the game also supports social networking, so players can link with their favorite characters, Invite friends on Facebook to create a cozy atmosphere. In addition, if you can help your clan members, you will also earn valuable stars.

Enjoy match-3 fun

In short, Homescapes is a great puzzle game. Based on the unique match-3 Gameplay, you help Austin renovate the house by completing thousands of challenges and collecting valuable stars.

The game offers hundreds of pieces of furniture, and each item has three different versions to create your own unique Interior Design style. In addition, you can enjoy loads of fun through exciting minigames and special power-ups.

The game offers a large & beautiful mansion, dozens of great NPCs, and many cute pets. In particular, you can invite your Facebook friends to share the puzzle fun.

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Download Homescapes MOD APK 5.8.3 (Unlimited Stars) for Android

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