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HAWK Airplane Space MOD APK 42.0.30476 (Multi Damage)

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The description of HAWK Airplane Space MOD APK 42.0.30476 (Multi Damage)

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HAWK Airplane Space offers exciting arcade plane battles. The game has many attractive modes, an advanced arsenal, and exciting challenges.

HAWK Airplane Space is an excellent choice if you like the classic SHMUPS genre. You enjoy taking down your enemies in the sky with the most advanced planes in the game. Each aircraft has its look and characteristics, and players can utilize & upgrade it at will.

At the same time, each level has impressive rewards and promises to bring the best entertainment experience. Gather your comrades quickly and destroy Autocrat’s brutal fleet in a unique co-op mode!

Introduction to HAWK Airplane Space

HAWK Airplane Space is an exciting action & shooting game by “My.com B.V.,” released in May 2017, reaching tens of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store, and compatible with Android 4.4 and above. “My.com B.V.” specializes in developing exciting 3D action games like Left to Survive, Global City, and Warface GO.

HAWK Airplane Space offers the classic SHMUPS experience, and it has a wealth of unique content, including a wide range of fighter aircraft, exciting missions, and challenges. In addition, you also face a series of powerful bosses. Get ready to reload the most potent weapons and destroy all the enemy’s combat jets!

Many attractive game modes

HAWK Airplane Space is one of the typical products of the shooting & action genre. In it, you control a plane and take down any enemies on the screen. Of course, you must face a rain of bullets and many enemies. From here, you have to both destroy the enemy and find a way to try to dodge their attacks.

Note that the plane has an HP bar in the upper left corner of the screen; if the HP bar is lost, you lose. The beautiful thing about the game is Many attractive game modes. If you like the classic experience, choose the exciting campaign (containing almost 200 challenging levels).

In addition, the game has a unique COOP mode where you team up with comrades to overcome challenges or join the war with random players worldwide. Remember that they are all good people, so try to enjoy endless fun!

Finally, the game has attractive additional modes such as Arcade, Team-up, and Assault. Each game mode offers an entirely different action experience!

Explore an advanced arsenal

HAWK Airplane Space is suitable for anyone because the operation is effortless. You must use simple gestures like swipe and tap to navigate the plane. In addition, you need to pay attention to the two support feature buttons to use them correctly in complex cases.

Each plane has its extras, which are helpful in various large-scale battles. Over time, you upgrade and unlock more new equipment on the aircraft. Remember that you need the best weapons to get through the following challenging levels in the game.

In addition to a diverse arsenal of weapons, the game also has many different aircraft models so you can choose your favorite fighting style. Get ready to fight with your teammates with an arsenal of high-tech equipment!

Fight with giant bosses

HAWK Airplane Space offers a wide variety of opponents of different sizes. In addition to many enemies, you also have to face huge bosses, which are ships with great power & size as well as armed with various parts.

In addition, players also collect different items in each level, such as yellow coins and some supporting elements such as special ammo, health, or power-up items in time.

Note that each level has special rewards, such as chests. In the end, you need to try to collect some puzzle pieces to build a new super plane!

Beautiful 3D graphics and impressive sounds

HAWK Airplane Space has beautiful 3D Graphics and impressive sound. The air battles are epic and full of excitement. The plane design is unique, and the landscape is fantastic.

In addition, the sound effects are pretty realistic and varied. Try to Choose the song «Phoenix» to enjoy the unique symphony of the air battle!

Master the vast sky

In short, HAWK Airplane Space is a great entertaining game if you like contemporary nostalgia and the classic Shmup game genre.

The game has attractive gameplay, many exciting game modes, many challenges, and a very advanced arsenal. If you are a fan of Strikers, Tyrian, Ace Squad, Razor, or Airborn, download the game and join the free squad!

Download HAWK Airplane Space MOD APK 42.0.30476 (Multi Damage) for Android

If you have little experience or want to enjoy the game gently, immediately download HAWK Airplane Space (MOD Multi Damage). Thanks to this mod, the plane always has Multi Damage, so it becomes easier to destroy the enemy. From here, you can easily overcome complex challenges or be ready to fight any boss.

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