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Ganja Farmer MOD APK 147 (Unlimited Money)

Ganja Farmer game icon
Developer FBG
Latest Version 147
Size 76 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-08-26
5/5 - (1 vote)

The description of Ganja Farmer MOD APK 147 (Unlimited Money)

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Ganja Farmer offers an immersive management simulator. You build a weed empire and, step by step, become the wealthiest tycoon on the planet.

Ganja Farmer is a fun and idle simulator. Your mission is to run the largest Ganja farm and grow potential weed strains in a cute 2D animated world.

Like the management simulation genre, the game offers a fantasy farming world where players can harvest weeds, and mushrooms, bake cakes and distill alcohol. Besides the addictive gameplay, the game has a cute cartoon 2D design and many unique caricatures.

Buy a variety of premium fertilizers and different materials to help your plants grow as fast as possible!

Introduction to Ganja Farmer – Weed empire

Ganja Farmer is FBG’s exciting farm management game, released in October 2013, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, reaching millions of official downloads on Google Play Store.

Ganja Farmer is a great entertainment choice if you prefer a light entertainment experience. The game is based on the classic management simulator and emphasizes weed fun. Step by step, you build a farm, expand your territory, establish a transportation system, and develop a global brand.

The gameplay is simple but addictive, and the game is suitable for anyone because of its simple operation and cute 2D images. Download now and enjoy the fun of being a cannabis tycoon!

Become the owner of a large farm

Ganja Farmer is currently one of the most attractive farm games on Android. The game has a simple but exciting story. You are a middle-aged man, bored with urban life, and want to inherit the farm from his uncle.

The farm is enormous, but it has many problems. Your mission is to convert the family farm into a famous operation for a significant profit. Although the gameplay is simple, you need good planning if you want to harvest hemp successfully.

In addition, you also have to find the most popular grass varieties if you want to build a famous weed empire. Remember that profit is the ultimate goal, so you try to serve a wide range of weed products such as cookies, macaroons, space cakes, and other treats. Use all your creativity in this fun game!

Discover a variety of weeds and unique buildings

Ganja Farmer offers various popular weed strains, such as the familiar Indica and Sativa. Each weed has its characteristics and values, and you must choose the right weed according to your plan. Of course, each type of grass also requires its care, so you need to pay attention to create the best yield.

Also, to increase productivity or grow your brand, you must build and upgrade buildings. The game offers dozens of different building models, and each building has its unique design.

Plus, you can make more money and drive revenue faster by turning your harvest into cakes, space cakes, and even liqueurs.

Building a global warehouse and shipping process

Ganja Farmer not only takes place in a tight space. It also allows you to build warehouses and global shipping.

You can Run Smuggling to increase your income quickly. You quickly respond to the overseas cannabis market by loading cargo on planes and boats and keeping margins high. Of course, air freight is not an easy affair, and you need a lot of experience to pass the requirements.

After creating a cannabis paradise, you should use the profits to beautify the farm with statues, bubbles, fountains, and other exciting decorations.

Share your passion with friends

Ganja Farmer offers an offline mode and supports an online one. Therefore, you are free to share the joy with your friends and win a high position on the leaderboard.

Plus, the game regularly introduces special events, multiplayer challenges, and fun community chat. Enjoy the fun from the beautiful world of weeds!

Intuitive interface and minimalist 2D graphics

Ganja Farmer has an intuitive interface and minimalist 2D graphics. The intuitive interface allows you to view and interact with the appropriate icons. In addition, the 2D graphics are cute, and you are impressed with the exciting caricatures.

In addition, the game also has impressive sound effects and many cute background music. Immerse yourself in the beautiful space of great music & pictures!

Enjoy the fun from the cute farm

In short, Ganja Farmer is an excellent simulator, and it helps you Enjoy the fun of a cute farm. The game has an intuitive interface, and the operation is simple; it is easy to choose and play.

The game promises many hours of relaxation with a unique collection of background music. In addition, You can also build impressive buildings and embellish your farm with fun decorations. Get ready to turn your Ganja Farm into a complete weed empire!

Download Ganja Farmer MOD APK 147 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Suppose you want to expand your farm quickly or build any unique buildings, download Ganja Farmer (MOD Unlimited money). Thanks to this mod, you have an endless amount of money to buy any of your favorite items, as well as speed up production.

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