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Gangstar Vegas MOD APK 5.8.1c (Unlimited Money)

Gangstar Vegas game icon
Developer Gameloft SE
Latest Version 5.8.1c
Size 2.1 GB
Mod Info Unlimited Money/Diamonds/Keys/SP
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-10-29
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The description of Gangstar Vegas MOD APK 5.8.1c (Unlimited Money)

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Gangstar Vegas offers a massive open world. In the mafia journey, you perform dozens of exciting missions, enjoy urban fun, and use modern weapons.

Gangstar Vegas combines elements such as action, adventure, and sandbox. In this fantastic game from GameloftSE, you are a famous Mafia boss and engage in gunfights, ready to destroy dangerous opponents.

You participate in unique missions such as racing, looting, and bombarding everything in the vibrant virtual world. Get ready to enjoy gang wars and engage in dangerous chases with modern guns!

Introduction to “Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime”

Gangstar Vegas is an action & adventure game, developed by Gameloft, about 2GB in size, requires Android 5.0 or higher, released in June 2013, and reached hundreds of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. Gameloft is a famous studio founded 15 years ago and has released many outstanding products, including the Asphalt series.

After many years of release, Gangstar Vegas is one of Android’s most exciting adventure games. The game uses a third-person perspective, and the setting is Las Vegas – a modern American city.

However, the city has a complex underworld and is full of crime. Players are one of the top gangsters and take on crazy challenges like racing, fighting MMA, or performing silent assassination missions.

Ready to become a powerful Mafia boss

Gangstar Vegas offers an exciting storyline. The player comes from a first-class boxer Jason Malone, and you must overcome many challenges to developing your gangster career. The player’s most prominent opponent is Frank Veliano – the notorious gangster in Las Vegas.

The game offers more than 80 missions with different difficulties to enjoy thrilling battles and fiery races on the street. The main scene is Las Vegas, where you often see intense car races and conflicts between gangsters and exciting casinos.

Over time, you gather more loyal members and dominate this vibrant city. Get ready to eliminate dangerous enemies and claim the throne of the underworld.

Gangstar Vegas screen 1

Explore the vast and exciting open world

Gangstar Vegas offers a massive open world influenced by the legendary GTA gameplay. In addition to the central mission system, you can participate in different challenges, including racing, shooting, and playing cards. The game has familiar controls, including a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen and action buttons on the right side.

Gangstar Vegas screen 2

Use a variety of modern weapons and unique vehicles

Gangstar Vegas offers a lot of modern weapons and special vehicles. After robbing the bank or winning at the casino, you use the bonus to build your gang or add supercars to your collection.

In addition, Players also experience modern weapons such as sniper rifles, rifles, flamethrowers, and even electric guitars. Each weapon has different attack power, design, and upgradeability.

In particular, you should try AR Mode, which allows you to use the overhead camera to explore the city and break into effective security systems. Try using AR mode to see Las Vegas at night from above!

Gangstar Vegas screen 3

Connect with friends in online mode

Gangstar Vegas also supports an online mode, so you can take on quests online, interact with other players, and see your rank on the global leaderboard.

In addition, you can also choose to join any gang to join your friends to perform high-class missions. The game provides detailed statistics of the player’s results, for example, the number of police/enemies killed, walking/driving time, and how many times you died.

Gangstar Vegas screen 4

High-quality 3D graphics and realistic sounds

Gangstar Vegas is equipped with detailed 3D graphics technology so that you will be impressed with the unique road design, surroundings, and characters. The city of Las Vegas is rich in detail, and every scene is meticulously cared for. Thanks to beautiful 3D graphics, players will surely be impressed with each location and area in the game.

In addition, the movement of characters and vehicles is optimized, so players have the best experience throughout the journey. The game has realistic physics, so you have practical experience participating in fierce racing scenes or gun battles on the street.

Finally, the game offers two options: the first and third person. Thus, you can increase the experience and feel the journey from many angles.

Ready to explore the vibrant city of Vegas

In short, Gangstar Vegas is a great action & adventure game. The game has a large, realistic, and detailed open world. The 3D graphics quality is top-notch, and the sound effects are lively. With attractive gameplay and diverse content, the game is an excellent choice if you have been passionate about the gameplay of the legendary GTA.

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