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Gangstar New Orleans MOD APK 2.1.1a (Unlimited Ammo)

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Developer Gameloft SE
Latest Version 2.1.1a
Size 39 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Ammo/No Reload
Requires 4.1 and up
Updated 2022-07-15
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The description of Gangstar New Orleans MOD APK 2.1.1a (Unlimited Ammo)

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Gangstar New Orleans offers an exciting open-world crime scene. You have hours of great entertainment and join the global gang war.

Gangstar New Orleans introduces a vast open world. The player is an influential gangster and expands the area to become the notorious gangster boss. The game has attractive gameplay, and you are free to do what you want in this beautiful virtual world.

If you want to experience the open world and are a fan of GTA, then Gangstar New Orleans is a perfect choice.

General information about Gangstar New Orleans

Gangstar New Orleans is an action & role-playing game of Gameloft SE, released in March 2017, compatible with Android 4.1 and above, reaching tens of millions of official downloads on GooglePlay, and about 1Gb extensive.

Gameloft SE is a famous studio, has decades of programming experience, and has released many favorite games, such as the Asphalt series, Brothers in Arms, and Gangstar Vegas World of Crime.

Gangstar New Orleans is inspired by GTA and is one of Gameloft’s best mobile games, featuring beautiful 3D graphics and great gameplay. A player is a middle-aged man of color and an unknown but ambitious gangster.

Your mission is to build your illegal empire and overcome hundreds of fascinating tasks in the charming city of New Orleans. Get ready to face off against biker gangs, crooked cops, and even Voodoo priests loitering on modern streets! The game also offers hundreds of vehicles, an epic arsenal of weapons, and various other great tools.

Gangstar New Orleans screen 1

Explore the criminal open world

Gangstar New Orleans offers a bustling open world with an exciting crime life. The setting is based on the chaotic New Orleans city, where there are always fights among gangsters.

The player is an anonymous gangster, and you can do whatever you want: join illegal missions, fight against the police, … or explore every corner of New Orléans.

The game has an intuitive interface, so you can efficiently perform great action sequences. In addition, the character auto-targets so you can shoot more accurately in gunfights as well as easier to see everything. In addition, the car’s control is excellent, so you can comfortably drive around and drive at high speeds.

Gangstar New Orleans screen 2

Diverse and attractive mission system

Gangstar New Orleans has a diverse and attractive mission system. You explore story missions in New Orleans’ various city districts: from the French Quarter to the slums to the mysterious bayou. Each section has its distinct flavor and action to explore.

Missions are very diverse, from killing bosses to stealing a particular car. Each task has its requirements and difficulty. Of course, the higher the problem, the greater the reward. Besides mafia boss missions, you also fight against police and competitors.

Because New Orleans is chaotic, stealing expensive cars and shooting guns is common. Get ready to engage in gunfights with competitive gangs and police officers to raise your reputation and collect bonuses!

Gangstar New Orleans screen 3

Join the global gang war

Gangstar New Orleans not only offers an offline mode, but players can also participate in exciting online PvP mode. Specifically, you actively create a gang, join a famous one, and raid others.

Fighting! Turf Wars is a great and fun addition to GvG (gangster vs gangster). You will receive free resources if you can defend the area from the invasion of rival criminal gangs.

Gangstar New Orleans screen 4

Customize favorite gangster

Gangstar New Orleans allows players to customize their favorite gangster with various options. Players can change the character’s appearance at will with beautiful outfits.

In addition, the game has a diverse collection of weapons with many different types, from light weapons such as pistols and melee weapons; medium weapons such as rifles and sniper rifles; to heavyweights like rocket guns,… Try to get the right gear, and use fantastic transports to tailor your character to your style!

In addition, players can also own their private island and expand it into a modern housing complex. In particular, you can also collect expensive boats and build runways and helipads.

High-quality 3D graphics and impressive sounds

Gangstar New Orleans has beautiful and high-quality 3D graphics. The publisher created a lively New Orleans city. You will surely enjoy the vast map, many tall buildings, bustling population, unique landscapes and beautiful beaches,…

The realistic sound allows players to hear beautiful sounds, such as people talking, cars, birds chirping, etc. The sound effects are varied, for example. If you attack a civilian, they run away with a scream of fear.


In short, Gangstar New Orleans is a great sandbox role-playing game. Players have many great experiences in the exciting gangster journey. The mission system is highly diverse, and you can do anything in the modern & large city.

Download “Gangstar New Orleans” now and enjoy a great fun game!

Download Gangstar New Orleans MOD APK 2.1.1a (Unlimited Ammo) for Android

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