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Freeletics Fitness Workouts MOD APK 22.21.0 (All Unlocked)

Freeletics Fitness Workouts mod apk icon
Developer Freeletics
Latest Version 22.21.0
Size 38 MB
Mod Info All Workouts Unlocked
Requires 8.0 and up
Updated 2022-06-13
5/5 - (1 vote)

Freeletics Fitness Workouts mod apk poster

Freeletics Fitness Workouts is a great sports app, packed with hundreds of fitness exercises and advanced AI, so it’s suitable for anyone.

Freeletics Fitness Workouts is a great fitness app. The app offers various advanced tutorials and exercises, so users quickly lose weight or build muscle with different effective workouts.

In addition, the application has detailed instructions and a vast amount of knowledge so that everyone is free to research the most suitable method. Finally, AI-Coach helps users build personalized sports training plans.

General information about Freeletics Fitness Workouts

Freeletics Fitness Workouts is a unique sports app from the Freeletics development team, released in early 2014, compatible with Android 8.0 and above, and reached over 10 million official downloads on GooglePlay.

The app is currently one of Europe’s leading digital fitness products and allows you to work out anytime, anywhere with the best digital personal trainer. You can save time and effort by not needing the gym.

The app is suitable for all fitness levels, and it also helps users quickly achieve their weight loss goals and build healthy habits with personalized HIIT workouts. Thanks to a series of advanced features, users can lose weight, gain muscle or improve fitness quickly. Share your passion for sports with nearly 50 million others around the globe!

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Incorporating a variety of sports methods

Freeletics Fitness Workouts introduces a holistic approach to fitness and personal development. The application combines techniques including HIIT fitness, mindfulness, knowledge and motivation, so users perfect the training process quickly and build a solid foundation for positive change in the future. hybrid

All exercises are divided into different levels, and each class focuses on a goal (weight loss or muscle building) or a specific muscle area (chest muscles, biceps, thighs). From here, users can actively choose a suitable specific exercise before starting to practice seriously. Plus, all the practices come with detailed descriptions or instructions, so everyone is free to follow them.

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Advanced AI Trainer

The most vital point of the Freeletics Fitness Workouts is the advanced AI Trainer. Personal trainer AI helps you tailor your workout plan accordingly. Therefore, the app never creates the same workout plan, and all fitness activities are entirely personalized.

Another standout feature is the “Training Journey”, where workout plans are aggregated. Users choose from 20 featured Training Journeys, and each has a different fitness focus.

In addition, users can choose a workout style to their liking, such as running, bodyweight HIIT or weight training in the gym (thousands of HIIT workout variations and 180+ exercises). Of course, you can thoroughly combine training styles to create the perfect Training Journey. From here, Exercising is fun and exhilarating!

In particular, the personal trainer is brilliant, so it can understand any user’s problem (short-term or short-term travel, Needs quiet, no sports equipment, or cannot run). You simply share what’s going on, and the AI ​​automatically adapts the exercise to suit your needs.

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Improve sports thinking quickly

Freeletics Fitness Workouts also helps you build a strong and balanced mindset and find lasting motivation to improve your health and fitness. From here, you’re entirely free for heavy-duty HIIT workouts.

In each session (from 5 to 20 minutes), the app shows how to build habits to lose weight, reduce stress and improve your focus, training, recovery and sleep. Get ready to explore courses covering focus, stress, sleep, fitness, nutrition, and motivation.

In particular, the instructions in each exercise are very detailed, and they are presented in a variety of mediums (text, images, animated videos). Therefore, it is easy for you to choose the proper exercise and always practice the correct posture. Remember that if you do the appropriate posture, the level of effectiveness is increased in many muscle groups and, at the same time, maximum savings in fitness.

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Alternative apps for Freeletics Fitness Workouts

Fitify: Fitness, Home Workout offers a comprehensive fitness solution. The app is the first choice of professional coaches and amateurs alike. The application provides users with various training programs, all of which are of international standards. In addition, the application also has hundreds of great exercises, so users only need about 30 minutes of exercise a day to improve their health and have a slim figure.

YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker is an essential app if you want to lose weight quickly & safely. The app creates perfect weight loss by counting calories every day, every session and keeping a handy Food Diary. The app accompanies you throughout your successful weight loss journey with activity tracking.


To sum up, Freeletics Fitness Workouts is a great fitness app. My strengths are an advanced AI coach, multiple training methods, thousands of valuable sports exercises, and a diverse sports mindset.

Download “Freeletics Fitness Workouts” now to enjoy an advanced AI-powered personal trainer and unique personal training journey!

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