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Faily Tumbler v5.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

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Developer Spunge Games Pty Ltd
Latest Version 5.6
Size 70 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-12-06
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The description of Faily Tumbler v5.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

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Faily Tumbler offers a humorous storyline and fun and addictive gameplay. Get ready for a prehistoric journey with silly & cute Phil!

Faily Tumbler is a featured product of “Spunge Games” – the creators of Faily Brakes and Faily Rider. The player controls a troglodyte who stumbles from an active volcano.

Be careful because volcanoes create many natural events, and you need the skill to make the journey as far as possible!

General information about Faily Tumbler

Faily Tumbler is an engaging endless runner game from the studio “Spunge Games”, released in May 2017, about 60 MB in size, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, and reached millions of official downloads on GooglePlay. “Spunge Games” is a game studio based in Brisbane, Australia, and preceded by award-winning animation studio Liquid Animation. Studio Spunge has released outstanding games such as Faily Skater, Spunge Invaders, and Cartoon Survivor.

The game features simple and addictive gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics, and realistic physics-based ragdolls. Get ready to master different dangerous environments like lava, water and rubble!

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Interesting and funny plot

Faily Tumbler is probably one of the weirdest endless runner games out there. The game still has beautiful images, but the context and gameplay are the highlights of humor.

The main character is Phil Faily, who has an exciting life in ancient times. However, while hunting some dinosaur eggs, Phil is strongly impacted by the mighty volcano and is thrown down the mountainside.

From here, you and Phil go on an exciting journey down the mountain and avoid obstacles like lava flows!

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Simple controls and addictive gameplay

Faily Tumbler has the familiar quest of the endless runner genre, and the player must try to go as far as possible. The control method is quite simple; players only need to touch either side of the screen to navigate the character. If you connect both sides simultaneously, Phil rolls harder and bounces harder.

Of course, everything is not simple, and the journey (from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the hill) is full of obstacles, such as ancient cactus, dangerous floods and molten lava, the cliffs, and prehistoric predators!

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Unlock many unique power ups

Faily Tumbler has a lot of unique power ups, and if you are in the most dangerous situations, use power ups (like paragliders and flying bullets) to save lives. Paragliding helps you fly higher for a specific time, which is helpful for floods or large lava pits. Flying projectiles propel you further for perfect speed.

In addition, players need to collect coins on the way to unlock unique skins. Indeed, you will have many exciting experiences in a new interface, such as antique costumes or lovely Vikings.

Get ready to discover dozens of unique skins and use different boosters! In addition, you also collect cute eggs, and they can hatch a lot of gold. From here, you continue to use gold to buy more costumes and other support items.

Upgrade your character and share the fun

Faily Tumbler does not have a fixed stop, and the game only ends when certain obstacles kill you. So the game has no limit, so you can improve your score as high as you can. In addition, the game has a skill upgrade system so the character can roll farther and withstand more damage in the event of a collision. Try to improve the stats to create a record score!

Finally, players can record the game and share it on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. From here, you can share the fun and create the most enjoyable experiences.

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Fun games like Faily Tumbler

Talking Tom Hero Dash is an engaging endless runner game. The player controls Tom and must chase Rakoonz to rescue Angela, Ben, Hank and Ginger. The game has addictive, fast-paced gameplay, and your adventure through lost temples, ancient cities, desert dunes, and snowy mountain peaks. In addition, the game features action battles, gravity-defying boosters, lots of awesome skins, and special missions and events.

Talking Tom Gold Run is also an interesting endless runner game that you should experience. Your task is for the cat Tom to speed, slide and dodge through the wild worlds to get the treasure and catch up with Roy Rakoon – the nasty raccoon. Get ready to enjoy thrilling chases, explore exciting worlds, unlock unique skins, and control the famous cute cats Angela, Ginger, Ben and Hank!


In short, Faily Tumbler is a fun endless runner game with fantastic 3D graphics, realistic physics, a funny storyline, and addictive gameplay. In addition to the traditional endless runner genre’s familiar points, players can unlock many unique costumes and use amazing glider powerups.

Download “Faily Tumbler” now for hours of endless fun and an exciting prehistoric journey with Phil!

Download Faily Tumbler v5.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked) for Android

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