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Facebook v371. MOD APK (Patched)

Facebook mod apk icon
Developer Meta Platforms, Inc.
Latest Version 371.
Size 22 MB
Mod Info Patched
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-06-22
4.6/5 - (11 votes)

Facebook mod apk poster

Facebook is the top popular social networking site, and you easily connect with friends worldwide. Lots of exciting things are waiting for you!

Facebook is one of the top popular social networking apps, and the app helps you connect with friends worldwide. Initially, the application was just a virtual social network, but now it has added many exciting features.

In addition, the application has a large user base and billions of official downloads on many platforms. Download “Facebook” now to share information and make new friends worldwide!

General information about Facebook

Facebook is a famous global social network, developed by Meta Platforms, different in size depending on the phone, reaching over 5 billion official downloads on Google Play Store. Meta Platforms has released many other outstanding apps, including Spark AR Player, Messenger Kids, and Facebook Gaming.

The primary purpose of Facebook is connection. Over time, the app provides many cool features, including games, update notifications from friends and family, a timeline, an HD photo gallery, statuses and comments.

One of the app’s best features is the option to share the content type. Therefore, you can select photos and videos directly from the gallery. Indeed, you will have hours of entertainment with this leading social network!

Share personal photos and videos

The first highlight of Facebook is its intuitive interface. The application has an intuitive layout of options. In addition, the application also integrates Instagram and a photo gallery. Users can easily view comments and respond to any information with just a few simple steps.

In particular, the application has supported the feature of downloading high-quality photos. If you want to share HD photos, go to App Settings and select Upload HD Photos. From here, you can post HD photos at any time.

The main feature is a connection, so users easily share status, photos and videos with friends. Alternatively, you can limit viewers’ choices (like Everyone, friends, only me, custom). If you want to share this article with specific people, choose the custom function.

Of course, you also receive notifications when friends text, comment on a post, reply to a word or update a new post or status. In addition, the application also supports dating, so you can find love if you want.

In addition, developers always try to update the application and add many attractive features, so users always have a great experience.

Easy exchange of goods & information

Facebook helps users chat, update information about friends and relatives, and sell goods through the Marketplace feature. This feature allows you to buy and sell goods with people around quickly.

In addition, the application also allows users to create pages, groups and chat groups as they like (no limit to the number of members). From here, you can easily share and exchange information, articles, photos and videos with everyone. Take your time to explore everything!

Watch your favourite videos

Facebook also offers video pages. The message board appears with many favorite videos if you like any page. In addition, users can also choose to prioritize the display of articles from their favorite channels and receive notifications about new videos.

In particular, the application has a Use Less Data feature, and this is a necessary addition if the user has low smartphone memory. If you want to use this feature, go to the Menu section, then select the Use Less Data icon. After the Use Less Data feature is enabled, the images on the News Feed have a larger size & resolution than usual.

Note that the completely standalone Messenger app must be downloaded if you want to message your friends directly. Don’t worry because everything is entirely free, and the operation is effortless!

Alternatives to Facebook

TikTok is a leading video social network today, and the app is an excellent choice if you want to get famous quickly. The application’s strengths include a Huge music store, many unique video effects, a diverse sticker store, and many advanced color filters. Therefore, the application helps users create amazing videos and quickly share short clips with millions of people around the globe. The application is completely free and compatible with many different platforms.

Instagram is one of the world’s leading photo social networking apps. The app has millions of users daily, so feel free to explore millions of unique artwork. Of course, anyone can create an account and quickly share beautiful photos, videos, and memorable moments with friends worldwide. The app has an advanced photo editor, a private chat feature, and much more.


In short, Facebook is a must-have and necessary application in today’s technological life. Especially if you like to share information and want a positive social networking experience, then immediately use this application. Lots of exciting features are waiting for you to discover!

Download “Facebook” now to connect and share information with friends worldwide!

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