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Drift Clash Online Racing MOD APK 1.85 (Unlimited Money)

Drift Clash Online Racing mod apk game icon
Developer AKPublish pty ltd
Latest Version 1.85
Size 94 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.1 and up
Updated 2022-10-21
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Drift Clash Online Racing is a fun game. It has many modern motorcycles, the gameplay is minimalist, and the physics is advanced. Download here!

Drift Clash Online Racing is an impressive 3D racing game. The game has dozens of attractive races, but you can compete with other big competitors in the exciting Drift competition.

Get ready to compete with other top racers, and enjoy excellent arcade fun!

Introduction to “Drift Clash Online Racing”

Drift Clash Online Racing is a racing game developed by AKPublish, about 120MB in size, requires Android 5.1 or higher, released in early 2018, and reached more than 5 million official downloads on Google Play Store. AKPublish has released products like Zombeast, Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter, and Gunspell. Similar to Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted, CSR Racing 2.

Drift Clash Online Racing offers real-time drift races with realistic physics. Players control dozens of modern supercars, explore impressive tracks, play with friends in exciting free-roam and enjoy the unique retro style.

The game has a unique car collection, many excellent tracks, and exciting game modes. Get ready to drive the most modern cars and enjoy the unique classic style!

Drift Clash Online Racing mod apk screen 1

Enjoy real racing with global players.

Drift Clash Online Racing allows players to get behind the wheel of a sports car and enjoy exciting racing along winding tracks. The game emphasizes a fun driving experience with fantastic 3D graphics.

The only goal is to get as many drift points as possible. The default gameplay is very common; you press the pedal on the left side of the screen to accelerate and press the brake on the right to slow down.

In addition to the default driving style, you can play with the smartphone’s accelerometer, and you control the car by tilting the smartphone. Players must try to overcome all dangerous opponents. Although the content is straightforward, players need a clear and specific strategy.

Besides good racing skills, you must own a car with incredible power if you want to win complex challenges. Of course, players need to hone their skills through challenges. Get ready to spend hours racing to enjoy excellent racing with other players in real-time!

Drift Clash Online Racing mod apk screen 2

Discover more than 30 super drift cars

Drift Clash Online Racing offers about 33 great drift cars, so feel free to enjoy the fun and burn the rubber. After each successful round, players receive attractive rewards to unlock vehicles with outstanding power.

Remember that Race Car is the primary tool, so you must upgrade your race car to win the most brutal matches. The more powerful supercars you own, the higher your chances of winning.

In addition, players can upgrade the racing car through details such as rim type, color, and front and rear wheels. Customize your car’s paint color with stickers and decals, and get ready to showcase your favorite unique vehicle!

In particular, the game also offers modern motorcycle models from famous brands such as Honda, Ducati, or Kawasaki. Each type of motorcycle or car has its own set of technical features. Get ready to create great drifts from powerful motorbikes!

Drift Clash Online Racing mod apk screen 3

Enjoy exciting drift racing.

Drift Clash Online Racing offers dozens of exciting races and many attractive game modes. If you want to improve your driving or test new skills, choose the accessible driving mode and explore different situations. If you want to compete with the ghosts of other players, then join online races.

During the race, you can do a lot of exciting activities, including performing drifting miracles, participating and experiencing impressive tracks, passing dangerous turns, and dodging vehicles and other public.

Finally, the game offers a great addition, which is the Drift Points Scoring System. Drift Points depend on many factors, including the speed and angle of the vehicle. The more perfect drifts you do, the higher your score will be. Get ready to create a drift point miracle!

Drift Clash Online Racing mod apk screen 4

Retro 3D graphics and advanced physics

Drift Clash Online Racing has retro-style 3D graphics and realistic physics. Although the controls are manageable, you need a lot of experience and skill to win this exciting race.

The game offers dozens of scenes, from the peaceful countryside to vibrant cities. In addition, music is indispensable in every race. Right at the start of the game, the exciting music helps players to have the most comfortable spirit.

Enjoy endless drifting fun.

In summary, Drift Clash Online Racing is a great driving game with sharp 3D graphics and impressive sound. The game emphasizes drift skills; the only goal is the highest possible drift score. Remember that you can be the first to finish, but the best drift.

Besides the intuitive interface, simple controls, and addictive gameplay, the game also offers more than 30 modern supercars and an advanced customization system. Finally, Physics is advanced & realistic, and the design of the cars is efficient.

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