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Dream Hospital MOD APK 2.2.29 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Developer Yboga doo
Latest Version 2.2.29
Size 100 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Diamonds
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-12-19
5/5 - (1 vote)

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Dream Hospital is an excellent choice if you like hospital management. You expand the facility, hire good doctors and treat many dangerous diseases.

Dream Hospital emphasizes hospital management. Health is the precious capital of every human being, but everyone has to get sick eventually. Therefore, hospitals are open everywhere and if you like hospital management, download this game now!

Exciting hospital simulator of “Yboga doo”

Dream Hospital is a fun simulator & management game of Yboga doo, released mid-2017, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, and reached over 5 million official downloads on Google Play Store.

Dream Hospital allows players to join the board of directors of a multi-specialty hospital and, step by step, become a hospital tycoon. Because you are the head of the hospital, there are many things to do: planning, managing, and coordinating our hospital staff. Get ready to face difficulties and become a professional manager!

Enjoy the management simulator

Dream Hospital offers a realistic management simulation. Remember that a hospital is a special place that is always open. Therefore, you need to be fully prepared for any healthcare clinic emergency room.

Hospital management is not simple. For example, you must find a way to hire the best medical staff and manage the finances of health care departments. In addition, you must provide economic care, invest in complex medical equipment, manufacture medicines, and manage other business matters.

Get ready to explore an accurate healthcare management simulation, and your every decision affects the entire healthcare system!

Dream Hospital screen 1

Explore the wellness process

Dream Hospital offers a complete and authentic healthcare process. As a doctor, you must visit all the patients, book medical appointments, and even attend emergencies. As soon as you contact the patient, symptoms, and conditions are fully displayed in front of the screen.

Then, you use the necessary information and determine the type of medication and treatment (at home, hospitalization, or surgery). For example, you can prescribe simple medicine if the patient has a cold or a minor injury. But if you have severe cases such as appendicitis, or broken legs, special treatment is needed.

However, sometimes you have to deal with a complex medical condition that is more difficult to diagnose. Therefore, you need good specialists or develop new drugs if you want to save particular patients.

In the management job, you have to run the work, sell drugs, book medical appointments for customers, book surgery, build more clinics, and expand the hospital area.

Initially, the hospital was relatively small, and the facilities were inadequate. But if you work hard and collect a large amount of money from patients, buy more modern equipment and hire more talented staff (from doctors, nurses, and pharmacists).

Dream Hospital screen 2

Build and manage the hospital to your liking

Dream Hospital allows players to build and manage a hospital to their liking. You are free to design the medical center to your liking and use various strategies to create the best hospital.

Suggest that you put yourself in the shoes of a real manager. Think of it as if you were the only one running a top hospital and had to deal with management issues, such as hiring the best medical staff, manufacturing the best drugs and medical equipment, and treating patients from infections (bacteria and viruses, heal wounds, intense fevers or even research new heart drugs).

In addition, you can customize your hospital with different paints, furniture, and decorations. You must build advanced medical tools, own X-ray equipment, and create quality emergency rooms to provide a complete medical healthcare facility.

It is suggested that staffing is an important issue, so you must hire the best medical staff to provide patients with maximum comfort & perfect service. Remember to send an ambulance in an emergency and take particular patients to your hospital.

Dream Hospital screen 3

Beautiful 3D graphics and impressive sounds

Dream Hospital has eye-catching 3D graphics, and the colors are bright. The characters are designed in cartoon style & everything is cute. In addition, the game uses a top-down perspective, so you can easily cover everything. The sound effects are pretty adequate and have a lot of fun background music.

Dream Hospital screen 4

Become a hospital tycoon

In short, Dream Hospital is a great simulator if you like doctor themes. You can do many things, for example, building departments (treatment, diagnosis, and emergency), researching new drugs & drug treatments, decorating the hospital with furniture, accessories, etc. Various accessories and paints.

In addition, you also plan strategies to cure sick patients and build staff. In particular, you can also compete with other hospitals in the city and participate in multiplayer events to win great prizes.

Download Dream Hospital MOD APK 2.2.29 (Unlimited Diamonds)

If you want to own modern facilities quickly or do not want to waste time waiting, download Dream Hospital MOD APK 2.2.22 (Unlimited Diamonds) right here. Thanks to this mod, you have many diamonds and can freely use them for any activity.

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