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Dr. Driving MOD APK 1.69 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer SUD Inc.
Latest Version 1.69
Size 12 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 4.1 and up
Updated 2022-10-16
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The description of Dr. Driving MOD APK 1.69 (Unlimited Money)

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Dr. Driving offers an authentic experience. It has an advanced simulator, and you try to control the car to complete dozens of exciting missions.

Dr. Driving is an advanced driving simulator that offers incredible driving experiences. However, you can go crazy by the realism of the gameplay. Get ready to explore the streets with this fun game!

The introduction of “Dr. Driving”

Dr. Driving is a driving simulator by SUD Inc., about 15 MB in size, requires Android 4.1 or higher, was released in June 2013, and has reached over 500 million official downloads on Google Play Store. SUD Inc specializes in developing interesting casual games like Dr. Minesweeper, Dr. Nonogram and Dr. Sudoku.

Dr. Driving allows players to drive in a large and vibrant city. The game offers dozens of missions, from public parking lots to famous tourist beaches.

After overcoming complex challenges, you use the bonus to buy new cars. Of course, you encounter many difficulties, inclu ding complex traffic systems and advanced simulators.

Realistic simulator and detailed interior

Dr. Driving emphasizes an authentic driving experience, so you must drive if you want to win. You must ensure that you go safely, do not collide with any other vehicle and obey the traffic rules.

The game has a lot of exciting things, so it is Totally for driving simulator lovers. Controls are minimalistic and accessible, including the steering wheel, accelerator and brake. However, the car’s movement is very realistic, so you need help if you want to drive safely in a natural environment.

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Dozens of exciting driving missions

Dr. Driving offers Dozens of exciting driving missions. Instead of the classic sports car racing model with speed as the key, the game emphasizes an authentic driving experience. Thus, you enjoy driving standard cars in realistic urban environments.

The game has a lot of different missions, and the common goal is to move safely. If you want to win, you drive the car safely from one point to another. Of course, speed is not critical; carefulness and safe driving are the most important things.

The game is suitable for everyone because you get full instructions on the turn’s direction and the driving time. If you hit the divider or another car, the level must end.

Unlock amazing modern cars

Dr. Driving has a diverse collection of vehicles. Depending on the task’s completion level, you receive a corresponding bonus, and you then use the bonus money to buy more cars and unlock rides around town.

The game has a lot of different vehicles, and you can upgrade them. The challenge is getting harder and harder, so you need a more powerful car. The car collection is very diverse, and has many famous models.

At first, you only drive basic cars. Over time, you unlock more powerful cars. Time is limited, so you need the right vehicle to win the tough challenges!

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Retro 3D graphics and impressive sounds

Dr. Driving has impressive Sounds and retro 3D graphics. The game has a fast-paced, fun soundtrack, so you always have an engaging experience throughout the journey. The game also features special sound effects, such as the ting of a coin, the sound of the wind, and other striking sounds.

The game mainly uses bright colors. The design details include function keys, a realistic steering wheel, and impressive scenery. In addition, the game has many different scenes, from modern cities to peaceful country roads. You’ll even notice weather effects like rain, snow, and storms.

Five highlights of “Dr. Driving”

Dr. Driving has five highlights, including:

  •       The driving simulator is realistic, and you experience many items, such as the steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedal and control lever. The car interface is rich in detail and very intuitive.
  •       You can freely switch between first and third-person views, so driving is more straightforward.
  •       The game has a diverse car collection. You collect materials, craft and upgrade powerful box trucks. You need a strong car for a tough challenge!
  •       The game has many attractive modes, and dozens of exciting levels are being played.
  •       Stunning retro 3D graphics give you a true-to-life experience with everything, including streets, vehicles, and weather. The sound is fun, and the effects are very realistic.

Enjoy the absolute driving pleasure.

In summary, Dr. Driving is a great driving simulator that helps you enjoy real driving fun. The game is entertaining, but you can skip thrilling road races, and you must drive well!

The game offers different steering wheel control options, including a traditional button or phone tilting. In addition, the game has two camera modes, including a first-person perspective (view from the console) and a third-person perspective (view from the air).

Besides realistic gameplay, many attractive levels and a diverse vehicle collection, the game also impresses with impressive 2D Graphics and beautiful sounds.

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