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Dawn of Zombies MOD APK 2.194 (Unlimited Money)

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Dawn of Zombies is about the survival of a group of mighty warriors. You build bunkers, explore the vast map, and use dozens of modern weapons.

Dawn of Zombies is an exciting action & role-playing game, using a 3rd personal perspective influenced by Last Day on Earth. So get ready to start an exciting adventure, build a bunker and explore the vast map!

Introduction to “Dawn of Zombies: Survival”

Dawn of Zombies is a survival & adventure game; Download size is about 2 GB, Requires Android 5.1 or higher; released in October 2019, Powered by Royal Ark, and reached over 5 million significant downloads on GooglePlay. Royal Ark has also released many other fascinating zombie games, such as Shelter War and Hard Dead Night.

Dawn of Zombies is about survival in a post-apocalyptic world. You are one of the lucky survivors of the Great Disaster. However, to survive in dangerous times, you must overcome hunger, mutants, deadly zombies, disease, and radiation.

Get ready to weather extreme heat and deadly frost in Zombie Lands!

An exciting story about zombies and post-apocalypse

Dawn of Zombies presents a compelling Story of zombie and post-apocalyptic themes. After the nuclear disaster, people turned into zombies, and the Pandemic quickly spread worldwide. If you want to survive, you must fight against many enemies, including the undead, mutants, monsters, and dangerous bandits.

You are one of the survivors, a traditional Strider. You roam the wasteland and explore the Last Lands, the Distorted Lands. Throughout the journey, you face many enemies, including monsters. Yet, you are humanity’s only hope, ready to enjoy the exciting story, discover dozens of unique characters, and overcome hundreds of amazing quests.

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Build a safe shelter

Dawn of Zombies uses role-playing and construction elements. Like other similar survival games, you have to collect resources if you want to craft new weapons. You find large quantities of wood, stone, scrap, and many other raw materials around where you live. Materials are beneficial, as you need them to build walls and floors, create a workbench or fireplace, and create a variety of impressive weapons, such as maces, spears, axes, knives, and guns.

You can recover Energy for free with food at the Shelter and should use a special workbench to repair weapons and armor. However, you also face other dangers besides dangerous opponents, such as hunger, thirst, radiation sickness, and even extreme weather (frost and heat).

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Use hundreds of modern weapons.

Dawn of Zombies has a diverse collection of modern weapons, but very few are available. Therefore, you need to collect materials such as wood and stone, … to make clothes, weapons, and some unique items.

The game has a variety of eye-catching clothes, from everyday wear to unique garments. Try to craft some powerful armor as they protect you from zombies. In addition, Some weapons are potent because they deal more damage to zombies; for example, if you use a bazooka, it is easy to blow up dozens of zombies with one bullet.

The game has more than 150 designs of weapons, armor, and vehicles; more than 60 standard weapons (AK, M-16, Makarov pistol, and Mosin-Nagant rifle). In particular, if you channel the element’s power into your favorite Weapon, it can cause strong effects on enemies, such as being burned by fire.

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Explore many mysterious & challenging wastelands

Dawn of Zombies offers many different areas. But, of course, you have to explore other locations and interact with different characters to enjoy the story entirely.

You should visit your friend’s base often to find various valuable resources. The virtual world is vast, and you can explore bleak wastelands, dark forests, and strange ruins. Of course, it would help if you used popular means of transportation, from bicycles to UAZ vehicles.

In addition, you can also collect random prizes on the map, such as amazing airdrops and hidden chests. Explore thrilling dungeons, and you are sure to find many magical gifts.

If you want to last long, choose Stealth Mode, which allows you to hide safely in the bushes. In addition, you should complete the mini-event (protect teammates from zombies or attack fanatic camps) to collect more valuable gifts.

Of course, if you can afford it, join the raid on the Bosses in the radioactive dungeon and win great rewards. The game features dozens of different NPCs, and they come from factions ranging from scientists to the military. In addition, you can get unique tips if you gain fame with your favorite section.

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Ready for a post-apocalyptic adventure

All in all, Dawn of Zombies is a great role-playing & adventure game that offers an exciting post-apocalyptic journey. The game features engaging gameplay, over 20 locations, an excellent crafting system, and outstanding 3D visuals.

Download Dawn of Zombies MOD APK 2.194 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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