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Dance Clash MOD APK 1.1.34 (Full Game Unlocked)

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Developer Coco Play By TabTale
Latest Version 1.1.34
Size 117 MB
Mod Info Full Game Unlocked
Requires 6.0 and up
Updated 2022-08-02
4/5 - (1 vote)

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Dance Clash is a fun dance simulator, and you can choose from Ballet or Hip Hop. Get ready to experience the lives of top celebrity dancers!

Dance Clash offers vibrant dance floors and is suitable for those who want to relieve stress through dancing. However, the game introduces two dance styles: Ballet vs. Hip Hop.

Excellent simulator of “Coco Play By TabTale”

Dance Clash is the exciting Dance Simulator of “Coco Play By TabTale,” released in June 2017, reaching millions of official downloads on Google Play Store, compatible with Android 6.0 and above. Coco Play By TabTale specializes in developing fair dance games, such as Fantasy Gymnastics, Care Bears Music Band, and Rhythmic Gymnastics Dream Team.

Dance Clash allows players to choose between Ballet or hip hop and dance! Ballet and hip hop have beautiful things; for example, ballet dancers are very graceful and elegant, and hip hop dancers are super cool & attractive.

Dance Clash screen 1

Enjoy the unique world of choreography

Dance Clash brings a unique world of dance. As soon as the MC introduces the matching theme, you have to be ready to start pressing different buttons to create awesome moves. The more strenuous activities you do, the more valuable bonus points you get.

Of course, you are free to choreograph your dance moves and knock out all the judges at the big dance performance. The player’s main task is to perform choreography (Hip Hop or Ballet). Each dance style has its awesomeness, so anyone has an overwhelming chance of winning, and the outcome depends on the skill and creativity of the dancers.

The difference between Hip Hop and Ballet is enormous, and both are intensively developed. Each genre has its complex dance moves and is divided into several levels. Depending on the ability to dance, players step by step access to new dances available or create unique new combos.

Dance Clash screen 2

Build a superstar dance team

Dance Clash also allows players to create dance groups to their liking. Players choose great costumes for the dancers. You have to shine like a star on stage through killer makeup and hairdos. Remember that aesthetics also play an essential role in the result!

Costumes are essential, and you can enjoy designing the most impressive outfits on the dance floor. Moreover, the fashion style is divided into two schools, elegant Ballet, and outer hip hop clothing. From here, you can quickly diversify your choices and create more unique fashion ideas. Additionally, players are free to recruit their crew members.

Dance Clash screen 3

Compete against many top dance teams

Dance Clash is suitable for anyone, even if you don’t have much actual dance experience. The game has simple control mechanics and is designed to be smooth. Of course, players need to rely on the melody to create each dance as vivid & relevant as possible.

Depending on each player’s ability, the ability to jump is different, but the control mechanism is very advanced, so it automatically changes with time & player level. It only takes a short time to get used to everything, but you have to work hard if you want to climb the first ranks. Get ready to practice and win the beloved golden trophy’s most prestigious prize!

Dance Clash screen 4

Experience many interesting minigames

Dance Clash also has many exciting minigames, such as decorating the stage for the big dance battle, participating in fun dances, and voting for the best dance team. Besides the offline mode, the game also introduces more online activities where people challenge each other to win many expensive rewards.

However, the online events are different from the regular game mode, so you must get used to many new limits or rules. If you are a newbie and want to beat the competition, you must keep calm and confident during the performance.

Discover the life of a professional dancer

Dance Clash also allows players to explore the life of a professional dancer. You can build a close relationship with any dancers and join the team dance battles together. Thanks to the variety of gameplay, players always have the most creative and impressive experiences.

In addition, the game also depicts the real life of the dancer. In particular, the dancers must keep fit and regularly care for their health at the gym. Of course, dancing comes with trauma, so see your doctor stay in top shape. Finally, if you want to be in the best spirits, then relax and pamper yourself at the spa.

Enjoy the music and the joy of dancing

In short, Dance Clash is a fun casual game, and you can control cute characters with a passion for dancing. The game promises to bring absolute entertainment experiences and many mesmerizing performances of two genres Ballet & hip hop. Get ready to create a friendly playground, and share your passion with friends on the dance floor.

Download Dance Clash MOD APK 1.1.34 (Full Game Unlocked)

If you want to unlock all the unique outfits or exciting events quickly, download Dance Clash (MOD Full Game Unlocked). Thanks to this mod, you don’t need to waste time overcoming all the challenges and can choose any favorite product.

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