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Code of War MOD APK 3.17.7 (Unlimited XP/Bullets)

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Developer XDEVS LTD
Latest Version 3.17.7
Size 169 MB
Mod Info Unlimited XP/Bullets
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-08-23
5/5 - (2 votes)

The description of Code of War MOD APK 3.17.7 (Unlimited XP/Bullets)

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Code of War is an action game; it uses a third-person perspective. The game has addictive gameplay, and an attractive PvP mode. Download here!

Code of War is an excellent choice if you like the FPS genre with a third-person perspective. You participate in intense death battles and share your passion for action with your global teammates.

Your mission is to survive in a harsh environment, and you must use your combat skills to complete the required objectives. Besides the attractive campaign mode, the game has a diverse collection of weapons and many other advanced features.

Introduction to Code of War

Code of War is an attractive shooting action game from XDEVS, released in February 2018, compatible with android 5.0 and above, and reached millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. XDEVS specializes in developing compelling 3D action games, such as Force of Warships, Ghosts of War, or Striker Zone.

Code of War impresses with the best 3D graphics, realistic physics, and a diverse collection of weapons. If you like popular FPS products like Half-Life, then Code of War is a great addition.

The game has addictive gameplay and allows you to test your fighting skills against global gamers. The game has a built-in Global Leaderboard, so you can easily track your rankings and share your outstanding achievements with your friends.

Of course, you need to use a lot of skills and talents if you want to win in fierce PvP matches. Get ready to be the best and reach the top positions in the prestigious rankings!

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Addictive gameplay, rich in strategy and intuitive controls

Code of War has addictive gameplay and classic FPS. If you have ever experienced the FPS genre, quickly get used to the familiar control mechanism. In addition, guns are easy to control, so it is suitable for even newbies.

The control method is prevalent and optimized for touch screens. You use the left thumb to move the character and the right thumb to control the camera or aim. In particular, the character automatically shoots if the enemy is in range.

In addition, you can also enlarge or reduce the view as you like. The game also provides built-in options to modify features like camera angle easily, track, volume, time, and chat messages.

Code of War screen 2

Explore a diverse and advanced arsenal

Code of War has a diverse and advanced arsenal. Of course, you only have some weapons and outfits available initially. The more wins you earn, the more awesome rewards you earn, and unlocking a bunch of new extra content (like new maps and only weapons).

The game introduces a lot of different weapons, and the main types include Shotgun, Rifle, and Sniper Rifle. Each type of gun has different models, so you are free to choose. In addition, you can also buy additional skins to make a difference on the battlefield.

You should explore the map thoroughly in search of medical kits and war packs. The battle is fierce, so the medical kit helps you quickly improve your health.

In addition, the game features a variety of camouflage patterns and decals, as well as unique battle patterns. Spend a lot of time exploring and enjoy this great game!

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The campaign mode is desirable

Code of War has an engaging Campaign Mode, and you need pro skills if you want to complete hundreds of challenges. The suggestion is to try to complete the daily campaigns to improve the warrior quickly.

The game has two basic modes: Free to All and Team Battle 5vs5. If you like teamwork, choose the 5vs5 team battle mode, and the soldier has many exciting skills such as healing, placing mines, …

Regardless of which mode you choose (team or free), it’s a lot of fun. Of course, the game also features live chat, so you’re free to talk to multiple players to improve efficiency. Get ready to be immersed in hours of great entertainment!

Code of War screen 4

Join exciting online gunfights

Code of War has two exciting game modes: “Training” and “Arena.” If you like the classic experience, choose training mode and use your favorite weapon to win first place on the world leaderboard.

If you like teamwork, choose “Arena” mode and participate in exciting team battles. If you like the action genre, then this game is interesting. In particular, the publisher always updates the latest versions, so you have many exciting experiences.

Get ready to compete in tournaments and top the leaderboards, win all the rewards and share your achievements with your friends on social media!

Become the top shooter

In short, Code of War is a great shooting game, using a third-person perspective, addictive gameplay, an intuitive interface, and an incredibly diverse arsenal. In addition, the game also has attractive online PvP modes and a great online leaderboard system.

Finally, the game also has modern 3D Graphics and realistic sound effects. However, the design is average, but everything is fine.

Download Code of War MOD APK 3.17.7  (Unlimited XP/Bullets) for Android

If you want to unlock advanced features or gain an advantage in challenging battles, then Download Code of War (MOD Unlocked VIP) here. Thanks to this great mod, you can own many powerful weapons and have combat advantages.

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