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Bus Simulator Ultimate v2.0.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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The description of Bus Simulator Ultimate v2.0.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Bus Simulator Ultimate is a very unique bus driving simulation game, released by Zuuka Game, this is considered one of the exciting bus driving simulation games, full of details and mechanics the best management, and promises to bring you many unique and addictive driving experiences. The main objective was to establish the largest bus company in the world, to drive buses from one point to another, and to ensure the safety of the passengers. Moreover, the Bus Simulator Ultimate game also helps you better understand the operating principles of this vehicle, diversify life skills as well as experience more new things about the bus driver profession, the reality and completeness is the important thing that the game will bring to you. Let’s read the article below to learn more about the game!


The Bus Simulator Ultimate game will help you become the most professional bus driver, in turn experiencing many different vehicles, conquering and experiencing all bus routes everywhere in the city, in addition to model formations. The background of the city built in Bus Simulator Ultimate is quite complex and highly realistic, the streets are crowded with means of transport, changing vehicle traffic from time to time, combined with varied weather conditions change during the day.

The Bus Simulator Ultimate game has bus stations at destinations, each station has full features, follows a certain time, has customers waiting for the bus to be crowded, each person has their own activity just like in real life. Besides, in the Bus Simulator Ultimate game with the help of modern AI, for the first time you will get direct feedback from people’s attitudes and complaints if any.

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The Bus Simulator Ultimate game gives you the opportunity to drive many different types of buses, with each vehicle you can also freely customize: chassis, vehicle color, rims, plating and paint to create colors and different attractive designs, bringing more excitement to your journey.

Each type of bus will have a different way of controlling and operating on the road, some bulky vehicles, neat cars that easily wriggle through crowded cities, for each type, you will need to self-calibrate the driving method to be suitable, thereby learning many driving styles and improving driving skills over time. With a diverse perspective, in the Bus Simulator Ultimate game you can choose any vehicle you have unlocked, and start driving around the city, freely completing missions to level up and become the best bus driver in the city and in different countries.

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Besides, you can also manually adjust the camera angle to your liking, the first perspective allows you to observe the cockpit closely, with different control buttons and consoles for each type of bus, direct driving from the steering wheel, and observe the street through the car glass. When selecting the first perspective, a set of simulated function buttons will appear below the screen that allows you to navigate, run, brake, reverse, change speed, the outside scenery also opens wide and clear, bringing you a more enjoyable experience when playing games.


The main task in the Bus Simulator Ultimate game is to control the car to follow the specified route on the moving map, then park at the right station to pick- up and drop-off passengers, throughout your journey you must obey traffic laws and there are situations to challenge you, forcing you to handle it skillfully and quickly to avoid delaying passengers’ time. Completing the mission you will receive a bonus, this money you can use to upgrade the current bus battle or buy new more modern bus lines or you can buy the context in the countries to experience your driving journey more interesting. Besides, you can create difficult challenges for yourself in the game with free play mode, try driving at high speed on the highway but make sure to avoid other cars and not cause accidents, downhills with winding slopes.

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The main map is one of the important devices for you, it will help you locate the route you will have to go, pick up and drop off passengers at the right place where passengers ask, in addition, the design on the map also describes details all countries in the world, through which you can choose which cities and countries you want to experience. You will do another pick-up and drop-off at very real routes in major cities around the world such as Spain, the USA, France, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, etc.


In the Bus Simulator Ultimate game, there are many different types of buses for you to choose from, each one is designed authentically and detailed to each part, you will have the opportunity to own cars from the usual big brand in the world with many different colors. Moreover, to serve passengers in the best way, you need to choose a new car with full functions to control such as a seat car, sleeper car, large car, small car, air-conditioned car, etc. In addition, you can also use the money to upgrade equipment and the interior of the car according to your preferences, but you need a lot of money to upgrade them.

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The Bus Simulator Ultimate game allows you to interact with other players on the server, you can create a private room and invite them to join you, organize races to show off your driving skills own practice. At the same time, you have the option to build reasonable routes and destinations, adjust for favorable or difficult weather to create greater challenges for the race’s drivers. Of course, the rules are also created and controlled by you, use your creativity in organizing races to make more new friends!


The Bus Simulator Ultimate game has sharp 3D graphics, high-quality images with many realistic and detailed descriptions and scenes. The buses are also delicately designed and true to the real world, from the design, color, position of the logo, to the interior of the car, all are meticulously and detailed, the weather effects change by day and are extremely exciting and lively. The sound in the game Bus Simulator Ultimate is vivid and realistic, every action of the car is true to the other sounds in the game. All create realism and bring an impressive 3D world to you.

Currently, the Bus Simulator Ultimate is available on all applications, ready for new features and updates, besides you can also experience other bus driving simulation games such as Bus Simulator Indonesia, World Truck Driving Simulator to feel many new and interesting things from this game genre. So, are you ready for a new experiential adventure? Don’t hesitate anymore, let’s clutch at the Steering wheel and start exciting adventures on endless roads, experiencing things as you’ve never experienced before aboard the newest bus!

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