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Bomber Friends MOD APK 4.68 (Skins Unlocked)

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The description of Bomber Friends MOD APK 4.68 (Skins Unlocked)

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Bomber Friends offers an exciting action experience. The classic Bomberman influenced the game and has many new features and significant events.

Bomber Friends is an excellent upgraded version of the classic Bomberman. The game has addictive gameplay, supports online multiplayer mode, and is extremely exciting and exciting.

Besides the attractive campaign mode, players can collect powerups to receive more powerful bombs. Get ready to join the destruction with friends around the globe!

Introduction to “Bomber Friends”

Bomber Friends is an exciting action game by Hyperkani, around 120MB in size, Requires Android 5.0 or higher, has over 50 million downloads officially on Google Play Store, and was released in September 2014. Hyperkani released many exciting racing games like Stunt Car Challenge 3, Stunt Car Extreme and Stunt Drift.

Bomber Friends offers exciting Adventures for anyone, and it’s a great choice if you’re a Bomberman fan. The game has exciting gameplay and a great online mode; you are free to act as you please.

The game has hundreds of dangerous mazes, and your main task is to destroy your enemies with a perfect blast wave. The most exciting is the new Multiplayer Arena, and you will indeed have a lot of excitement in the online mode.

In addition, you also unlock many cute character skins and upgrade skills to have powerful special bombs. Get Ready to Earn Medals and reach the highest arenas!

Simple controls and addictive gameplay

Bomber Friends is an improved version of the classic ‘Bomberman,’ The most significant addition is the online match. In this game, you can compete with people or friends around the globe.

The game keeps the traditional points of the classic Bomber style. However, the interface is intuitive, and the controls are optimized for touch screens. Therefore, it does not take long to get used to it if you have played other action games.

The gameplay is straightforward. The player’s main task is to move in a complex maze and survive. You can destroy walls or destroy other players with bombs. Note that a bomb is an object, so you can get stuck if you place the bomb in the wrong place. Also, the bomb only affects in a straight line.

In particular, the game supports universal controllers and Android TV, so you always have the most comfortable experience possible.

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Hundreds of challenging levels in Campaign Mode

Bomber Friends has an exciting Campaign Mode with over 300 levels. The game features six different unique worlds, and each one is filled with sly monsters and puzzling puzzles.

Sure, you have hours of great entertainment, unique dungeons, Quests, and other challenges. Note that you get bonuses and coins after every successful challenge and use them to unlock many individual items.

If you get killed, it’s not over yet because of the remote spells. Get ready to destroy your opponents in exciting PvP matches!

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Discover many unique action skills

Bomber Friends has addictive gameplay, but the challenge increases over time. Ready to Collect Powers, ambush your opponents with excellent spells! Of course, the strongest is the only winner, and you need a lot of skill to overcome difficult opponents.

In addition, the game also offers different types of special bombs, so you are free to create your fighting style and blow up your enemies at any time. Try to Collect power ups to overcome the evil curse!

Bomber Friends screen 4

Create unique characters to your liking

Bomber Friends has a diverse character system. If you win a lot of essential wins, you can customize your favorite characters with hats and other details. Use your creativity to create a unique character before the rest of the players.

Players customize their character with hats, suits, accessories, taunts and even greetings. In particular, you can choose a unique tombstone and become a Haunted ghost with other players.

If you have a high sense of taste, join the costume contest to score points with your global friends, and win many great prizes.

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Enjoy online bomb fights

The biggest attraction of Bomber Friends is the online bomb battles. The game supports about eight players at the same time, and you have the option to Challenge acquaintances or random opponents.

You can even take the initiative to Create or join a clan and share the fun with friends in your family. Get ready to compete in online arenas to reach new heights and unlock exciting new bombs, powerups and outfits!

Bomber Friends offers exciting daily quests and weekly unique Events. The game even provides new rewards and themes every Season.

Ready to be the cute bomb king

In a nutshell, Bomber Friends is an exciting PvP action game with fast-paced and cute 2D graphics. The game has a great single-player campaign mode with hundreds of challenging levels and nearly a dozen unique locations. In addition, players can customize the character to their liking and unlock many new bombs & special powerups.

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