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BLOCKFIELD MOD APK 0.9842 (God Mode)

BLOCKFIELD game icon
Developer Azur Interactive Games Limited
Latest Version 0.9842
Size 42 MB
Mod Info God Mode
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-08-18
4.7/5 - (6 votes)

The description of BLOCKFIELD MOD APK 0.9842 (God Mode)


BLOCKFIELD offers great 5v5 gun battles. The game takes place in the first person, and you have many exciting daily rewards and events.

BLOCKFIELD is a fascinating action game that allows the player to perform dangerous activities. The game provides the most realistic virtual space, and you are free to explore exciting architectures and learn secrets from ancient lands.

In addition, the game promises to satisfy the high-end requirements of players with exciting locations and maps. If you like gunplay with friends or other action genres, then BLOCKFIELD is the perfect answer.

Introduction to BLOCKFIELD

BLOCKFIELD is an exciting shooting action game from Azur Interactive, released in March 2020, compatible with android 5.0 and above, reaching more than 5 million downloads officially on Google Play Store.

Blockfield is the perfect combination of PvP first-person shooter with Minecraft-specific graphics. The game offers a great experience between fun and humor; players not only participate in exciting 5v5 gunfights but also combine with six attractive genres, including team combat, knife fighting, chaotic combat, podium jumping, and other forms.

Another strong point of the game is its friendly interface, which is easy to use. Get ready to interact with millions of players worldwide!


Explore a diverse collection of weapons

BLOCKFIELD is suitable for anyone because the control method is straightforward. If you have ever experienced the FPS genre, quickly get used to this game. You use the joystick on the left of the screen to navigate the character and the right thumb to change camera modes and perform other actions (melee attacks, jumps, and reloads).

The game offers a diverse arsenal of weapons, including Assault Rifles, shotguns, machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, scatter guns, and even knives. Choose a sniper rifle if you like to kill enemies from a distance.

Of course, You can customize and improve any gun to effectively hit your enemies. In addition, you can also customize the character’s outfit or change the weapon’s skin to your liking!


Many interesting maps and game modes

BLOCKFIELD has many exciting game modes, about 12 maps in different contexts, from city to desert. Each location has a different structure, different secrets, and stories. Of course, you need to complete the assigned tasks if you want to unlock the land entirely. Get ready to choose any favorite setting and join the battle!

The game offers about six different engaging battle modes. Each mode has its characteristics and its appeal. The more game modes you participate in, the more attractive rewards you gain.

You can join the exciting story mode or share the fun in the online PvP mode. Get ready to participate in exciting matches and shoot madly at everything!


Collect many valuable daily rewards

BLOCKFIELD offers many exciting rewards if you are a new member who registers. In addition, you can also receive new tips if you complete the daily quest. It is suggested that you explore the map to collect some strange chests. Plus, if you’re a regular game fan, you’ll also receive exclusive promo codes and gift cards.

The game is geared towards PvP battles, so the match feature is very advanced. In particular, you can also implement communication strategies through chat boxes or make new friends through the pairing process & team missions. Try to enter the exchange information as this is effective if you want to win brutal campaigns!


Cute 3D graphics and impressive sounds

BLOCKFIELD offers cute 3D Graphics and impressive sounds. The characters and landscapes are made in an angular style, and you will love these blocks if you love the Minecraft style.

The game is well optimized, so it promises to bring the best experience thanks to beautiful graphics technology. You certainly enjoy famous admiring structures and chaotic battlefields.

The characters or menus also have their highlights. In addition, the game also has a diverse sound system, and you can hear the sounds of weapons such as gunshots, exploding grenades, and even red alarms!

Enjoy the exciting battles

BLOCKFIELD is an excellent choice if you like shooting action and Minecraft graphics. The game has 12 unique maps and six different attractive game modes. Plus, if you log in often, you’ll also get Daily Rewards, Promo Codes & Unique Gifts.

The game offers a diverse arsenal of weapons, including knives, shotguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles. The game has Easy controls, Intuitive interface, and you can primarily interact directly with friends in PvP mode.

Download BLOCKFIELD MOD APK 0.9842 (God Mode) for Android

Thanks to this mod, you have intense energy and are not afraid of any challenge. Of course, the mod is safe, and the installation is also straightforward. If you do not have much FPS experience or want to enjoy the game quickly, download BLOCKFIELD (MOD God Mode).

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