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Bitlife MOD APK v3.7.3 (Bitizenship Unlocked)

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The description of Bitlife v3.7.3 MOD APK (Bitizenship Unlocked)

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Bitlife – Life Simulator is a very interesting and engaging simulation game that simulates a life from birth to old age, published by the famous game company Candywrite, LLC. The highlight in the game Bitlife – Life Simulator is that every decision you make counts and makes you live the life you choose, and the game Bitlife – Life Simulator is also considered one of the most ambitious life simulation games the most ambitious and far-reaching yet, there’s so much you can do in the game that it’s sometimes a little overwhelming. But all right, the more difficult it is, the more it is stimulated and motivated to conquer it, and for that reason, the game Bitlife – Life Simulator has successfully attracted more than 10 million plays on the Google Play app and received many positive feedbacks from players.


The Bitlife – Life Simulator game has addictive and interesting gameplay, the game describes the life journey like a human story. You don’t know what will happen next, miracles happen in your life or even, you never know when this story will end. Manipulating the game is the same as other simulation games, but you will choose the character’s actions according to each timeline instead of choosing the dialogue for the character, each character in the game has 4 basic stats like a normal person: blessing, health, intelligence and appearance, health index is the most important, the higher this stat, the more chances you have in life and in the future. There are also a variety of activities during character development such as going to daycare or getting vaccinated, you can make the character docile or cry to show fear in front of needles, etc. Appearance criteria for you are not so important but if you dream of becoming a celebrity, you can have plastic surgery to increase this index, and don’t forget that if you choose the wrong one you can die any time, so think carefully when making any choice for your character!


18 years old is an important milestone in everyone’s life, and so is your game character. At this age, you will have to choose for yourself a certain university or join the military or get a part-time job to support yourself. Everything that happens in the future is for you to decide, no matter how difficult your childhood was, your present efforts will help you have a better life in the future. As an adult, you will have a career with more money and you need to know how to manage your finances. In particular, you can grow further to become more prosperous or you can lose everything because of your wrong choice.

On the screen will appear the Main Menu bar, touch the content item to manage the content you currently have, however you need to be of age to own your property.


Love is also an essential thing in Bitlife, the game allows you to date and marries the people you like. So will you build a happy family or destroy everything yourself if you choose the wrong partner. The  Bitlife – Life Simulator game also gives you a new perspective on life with many dimensions simply as a simulation game. The game also tells you that a positive attitude will help you have a good life and open up many opportunities in the future.


The Bitlife – Life Simulator game has sharp 3D graphics, eye-catching visual effects, and is well-tuned. The context of each game level in the Bitlife – Life Simulator game is designed to give you the same experience. like you are enjoying a book about your life. The sound in the Bitlife – Life Simulator game is animated by realistic background music, sometimes low and sometimes high as if showing the ups and downs in life. All these factors have contributed to creating a unique, interesting, and engaging game.

The Bitlife – Life Simulator game has attracted millions of people around the world, and are you ready to discover how your life choices can determine your success in life? Don’t wait any longer, play the Bitlife – Life Simulator game to get more new experiences from this game genre. And you can try another similar game Avakin Life and The Sims FreePlay, these titles are still the story of human life, but expressed in a different way. Let’s experience it!

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