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Bad Piggies MOD APK 2.4.3211 (Power-ups/Unlocked)

Bad Piggies game icon
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Latest Version 2.4.3211
Size 73 MB
Mod Info Power-ups/Unlocked
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-07-07
4.7/5 - (9 votes)

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Bad Piggies is a fun puzzle & simulation if you like Angry Birds. Get ready to assemble the great plane and enjoy the exciting sandbox mode!

Bad Piggies is an excellent choice if you like the legendary Angry Birds series. The game is a combination of simulator and puzzle in which you control scary little green pigs – notorious enemies of Angry Birds.

The player must help the pigs escape with the eggs and build a unique plane. The game is distinguished by its addictive Gameplay and highly engaging storyline. Get ready for a new adventure with the Piggies.

General information about Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is an exciting puzzle game from Rovio Entertainment Corporation, released in September 2012, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, reached over 50 million downloads at Google Play Store, and is about 90MB. Rovio Entertainment Corporation has released many outstanding products, such as Small Town Murders, Angry Birds Friends and Battle Bay.

Bad Piggies is about the journey of ugly pigs, and they must chase the eggs. However, things go awry, and nothing goes according to plan. You must create the ultimate flying machine and help the pigs reach their destination safely. Although the sly pig herd has a few fantastic items, they need your help to build the perfect transport.

The game offers hundreds of excellent, challenging levels, and the updates are free. Thus, you have hours of fun with exciting action scenes. Try to conquer three stars and unlock dozens of other exciting levels!

Attractive and creative Gameplay

Bad Piggies has attractive and creative Gameplay. The player’s task is to build a powerful vehicle using available objects. Each level has different challenges and functional items. With your imagination, you can create a variety of vehicles such as cars, planes and other crazy moving vehicles.

You start with a basic box where the pigs are safe. Then you add items like wheels, propellers, and more to make the vehicle move,… Also, it would help if you tried to figure out where to put the balloons and TNT to create. Make a quick escape and earn extra stars.

The construction is complicated, but you quickly get familiar with the controls. Players drag and drop the desired shapes to build the final product. The biggest plus is a large amount of mechanical knowledge through the game. For example, you can add an engine to increase power or spring to improve comfort.

Join hundreds of exciting levels

Bad Piggies allows players to build their vehicles with more than 30 exciting objects. Of course, the challenge is a stress test, and you have to face a lot of failures, such as destroyed vehicles or pigs being blown through the air.

The game is full of exciting challenges, and if you want to complete the level, you have to help the shabby homemade car through the challenging roads. However, it would help if you were focused and skilful at winning the difficulty.

In addition, if you want to unlock the next level, you must complete the previous level. Therefore, you have a lot of trouble if you can’t complete the challenge, except buying support items.

Nine exciting sandbox modes

Bad Piggies offers nine exciting sandbox modes. Choose sandbox mode if you want to build anything with existing items. However, if the player wants to use unique items in the Sandbox, they must complete the levels in the story mode.

Sandboxes are great additions for developers, and you can continue to enjoy the fun by completing tough campaigns and challenges. In short, if you access sandbox mode, you can do anything without setting goals.

Awesome mechanical pig construction

Bad Piggies offers creative fun and is an excellent choice if you like construction & mechanics. The game offers about 42 objects, including engines, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas, balloons and more.

Of course, you are free to assemble the mechanical pig to your liking, and all you have to do is test it out. Note that you should edit the design to get up to three stars for the journey. Take your time to explore all the great designs. Indeed you will find many exciting things and maximize your creativity!

Alternatively, you can hire a support agent to set up the correct configuration quickly. Finally, the game has cute 2D graphics and fun sound effects.


In short, Bad Piggies is a great puzzle game and a successful product of the Rovio studio. Players participate in exciting levels and freely create unique means of transportation.

In addition, the game has a great sandbox mode and offers many exciting experiences. Hundreds of challenges and dozens of unique items are waiting for you. Download “Bad Piggies” now and get ready to see the pigs fly!

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