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AXES.io MOD APK 2.7.19 (Unlimited Gold Coins)

AXES io game icon
Latest Version 2.7.19
Size 89 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Gold Coins
Requires 4.4 and up
Updated 2022-11-12
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AXES.io offers battle royale fun. You throw the ax and survive in the limited circle. The game has dozens of unique weapons and 3 attractive modes.

AXES.io is a great entertainment option if you like the battle royale genre. You move and find a way to survive in an online ax battle. Get ready to join the fierce arena and throw axes to enjoy the classic IO!

Introduction to “AXES.io”

AXES.io is a PvP action game, about 90 MB in size, requires Android 4.4 or higher, was released in November 2018, powered by CASUAL AZUR GAMES, and reached more than 10 million official downloads on GooglePlay.

AXES.io combines many elements, like action, battle royale, and even IO. The player controls their favorite character, throws axes, and tries to be the last man standing. The game has super simple controls, easy Gameplay, and cute 3D pixel graphics, so it is suitable for anyone.

The game offers more than 40 different weapons and More than 20 characters with unique shapes so players can choose the appropriate attack style. Finally, the game has many amazing maps, which promise to bring hours of great entertainment.

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Exciting Gameplay, exciting match with fast-paced

AXES.io offers exciting Gameplay, and the matches are fast-paced. Based on the traditional IO genre, you engage in exciting battles with other global players. Your task is to try to survive as long as possible. The match is fast-paced and lasts 2 minutes.

In the limited time, you find a way to destroy the enemy, dodge the dangerous ax, and avoid narrowing the circle of fire. If you collide with the ring of fire, the character is burned, and health is lost over time.

The control method is as simple and familiar as today’s MOBA products. You control the character with the joypad on the left half of the screen, and you tap the ax icon on the right side of the screen to attack your opponent. Note that the ax moves in the right direction of the character, so you need a reasonable movement if you want to win.

Battle Royale is a fun game mode, and you’re sure to have the action fun of fighting in a confined space with your global friends.

AXES io screen 2

Dozens of unique weapons and warriors

AXES.io emphasizes the power of the ax. You don’t need arrows or magic because the ax is the ultimate weapon. If you want to win, you need ax-throwing skills and accuracy.

The weapon system is diverse, from swords, axes, darts, staff, and sticks. The defensive equipment is divided into 5 colors, white, green, blue, purple, and orange. The stronger the weapons and equipment, the higher your chances of victory. In addition, you can also upgrade equipment & weapons and increase character stats to increase strength.

The game introduces many unique characters, each with a unique design and 5 essential qualities Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic, and Legendary.

Note that you can upgrade your character in battle by collecting Experience Points scattered throughout the map. If the character levels up, then additional options between 3 random skills include increased health, increased attack speed, increased range, and movement speed.

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Many interesting maps and 3 main challenges

AXES.io also has a diverse map system with different terrains. The game allows about 20 players to participate in combat simultaneously, and you must adapt quickly to the landscape and move skillfully if you want to survive.

You should collect gems scattered throughout the map, as they help you learn new skills, such as poison arrows, ax size increase, and attack speed increase. The game offers 3 levels of play, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each class has 5 different maps. Try to overcome all the challenges to experience all the unique maps!

AXES io screen 4

Cute 3D graphics and funny sounds

AXES.io has beautiful 3D Graphics with striking colors and exceptional image quality, so players can quickly grasp the match. The character designs are amusing, and the pixel style influences them. Objects such as weapons, backgrounds, or action skills are rich in detail.

However, the blood is not that color. Instead, it is yellow, blue, and green, so the game does not provide a violent experience. However, the game does not have beautiful background music; you only hear sound effects such as ax throwing and collision.

In particular, the game also supports offline mode, and you will find joy in fighting with advanced AI opponents. Get ready to join the fierce competition anywhere, anytime!

Enjoy the endless IO war.

In short, if you are a lover of IO and battle royale genres, then you like AXES.io. The game has addictive Gameplay, diverse weapon & skill system, dozens of unique maps, and supports offline mode and advanced AI.

In PvP mode, you compete with opponents worldwide to become the top player and lead the online leaderboards. Get ready to join millions of players and throw accurate axes to become the king of action!

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