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Ants.io MOD APK v2.850 (Unlimited Money)

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Latest Version 2.850
Size 63 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-07-01
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Ants.io is a fun online minimalist action game. Players participate in the survival wars of the ants and try to become the champion. Of course, everything is not that simple, and you need a lot of time to get the final victory.

You are not alone in the fiercest battle. Thanks to the online mode, players can accompany close teammates, collecting various boosters and power-ups to strengthen the whole team. The more you build a strong team of ants, the more likely you will win.

If you like fun action games, download “Ants.io” to enjoy simple addictive Gameplay and build your great army of ants!

General information about Ants.io

Ants.io is an exciting arcade game of “CASUAL AZUR GAMES,” released in July 2021, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, reaching millions of official downloads on Google Play Store, about 50MB in size. “CASUAL AZUR GAMES” specializes in developing interesting casual games like Magica.io, Animal Master, and Tower Craft 3D.

Ants.io is the right choice if you like snake-style games with fluid & high-paced action. The game is distinguished by its amazingly addictive Gameplay. Your mission is to build a strong army of ants and become the greatest champion in the arena.

Of course, the opponents are very professional and talented, so you need to gather the most potent ants, upgrade your skills and boost the fighting skills of the ants to defeat all enemies. Remember that you can only destroy every opponent and win with the enormous army of ants!

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Addictive Gameplay and simple controls

Ants.io has addictive Gameplay and simple controls. The game takes place in the ultimate virtual universe, and you can play, create and create giant ants like imaginary. The .io genre is prevalent with millions of gamers worldwide, and it stands out for its minimalist graphic style & simple Gameplay. In essence, the IO was developed based on the domain name .io – the top-level domain of the country code for the countries of the Indian Ocean (British).

If you’ve ever played slither.io, you’ll quickly get acquainted with Ants.io, which has similar Gameplay. Players participate in fierce battles with millions of other players around the globe, explore countless fantastic worlds, and a global community contributes all content.

The game has a simple control method, and you only need a few minutes to get used to the control system. Players only need to touch the screen to navigate the queen ant. Concentration and agility are the keys to success. Get ready to explore the arena, collect all the food and grow the ant army as big as possible!

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Join fierce battles

Ants.io allows players to become queens and lead a massive army of ants. Your mission is to connect the same ants and upgrade your ability to win and become the champion in the world arena.

As a result, players have hours of fun entertainment and the most exciting moments throughout the hours of experience. The process is relatively easy, but if you want to win in the end, you must study tactics, find the food you need to survive, build a solid house, and improve your abilities. Ant warriors and practice a lot.

Suggest that you should allocate forces and destroy each opponent. In addition, you need to alternately use ant warriors to understand the strengths & weaknesses of each opponent. Give a chance to the other mighty ants in the colony!

Ants.io screen 4

Explore many interesting places

Ants.io offers many exciting locations; players should constantly move and try to do certain activities, as well as avoid the risk of ambushes. Undoubtedly, changing areas and many other aspects of the game provide a lot of exciting experiences for a long time. Take the time to explore everything always to create surprising and enjoyable experiences!

It is suggested that you gather supplies and resources to develop the queen and build your army. The better you explore the location, the easier it will be to make raids and attacks. In addition, if you know the map well, you will skillfully dodge the actions of more vigorous opponents.

In particular, players choose different colors for their ant army. You can easily distinguish allies from opponents and make a critical difference.

Sharp 2D graphics and impressive sound

Ants.io also has sharp 2D Graphics and impressive sound. You will surely love the game’s beautiful animations and bright colors. In addition, the sound effects are pretty unique, and many exciting kinds of music are waiting for you to enjoy.


In short, Ants.io is a fun online action game. Players participate in online ant arenas, confronting other ant lords and many dangerous spiders. The game world is significant; you need to hunt for food and build an army of solid ants.

Stay away from large teams of ants and spiders to win the game. In particular, you can also choose the favorite color for your ant gang and start a new war. Download “Ants.io” now to grow a mighty army of ants and have hours of fun!

Download Ants.io MOD APK v2.850 (Unlimited Money)

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