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Alight Motion Pro MOD APK (Unlocked)

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The description of Alight Motion Pro MOD APK (Unlocked)

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Alight Motion Pro is a professional animated graphics application with powerful editing tools. The application has many unique visual effects, and it is a great choice.

The App is a powerful photo and Video Editor. You can choose from Animations, Create Visual Effects, Vectors, and much more. You can easily create professional-looking graphics and animations. The App allows anyone to edit videos with Keyframe animations.

The App also offers many unique effects and more than 2000 Text Fonts available. In addition, you can also export videos in popular formats like GIFs.

Download “Alight Motion Pro” and create high-quality creative videos!

Powerful and user-friendly photo & video editor

Alight Motion Pro is an amazing smartphone graphics application developed by Alight Creative. It is about 132MB in size and has tens of millions of official downloads on GooglePlay. The application has been around for a long time but is still the top choice of users on Google Play.

If you want to use a professional motion graphics application for smartphones, choose this product. The application has a friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use interface for everyone. The application is completely free, and you can easily edit the videos with professional graphics to your liking. The application needs a minimum of about 1.5GB of RAM to be installed and run efficiently.

The App is one of the world’s first motion designers and supports multiple layers for graphics. It promises professional-quality animations, high-motion graphics, amazing visual effects, and plenty of video editing and compositing features. In addition, the application has a complete vector library and unique illustrations. Enjoy them!

Keyframe is one of the top awesome features

Alight Motion Pro brings one of the best and most interesting features, Keyframe. Keyframe allows you to edit each Frame. Therefore, you can add custom elements and edit Frame by Frame at any time. So you will be able to edit your animated video in detail and make the most creative video.

The application also has many interesting elements available for video frames. In short, the application gives you absolute control over each Keyframe to edit a complete video.

Many professional color and visual effects

Alight Motion Pro features impressive keyframes and professional color and visual effects. It provides thousands of built-in Picture effects like Hot color, exposure set, color adjustment, highlights and shadows, clouds, etc. If you make good use of the results in animated videos, you will bring a new look to any movie.

Make good use of special effects to create magical, blurry colors for your videos! In addition, the application also provides distortion effects (distortion/warping), Swirl, Wave Warp, Pinch / Bulge, motion blur based on velocity. You can use a large collection of effects suitable for videos and images.

Mixing multiple layers of content (graphics, video, and audio)

Alight Motion Pro allows users to increase video depth by using blend modes. It allows users to easily add multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio. You can adjust the shape, opacity, and size of the layers. The App has a lot of presets for the blend modes. In particular, users can choose presets or build their time curves. Besides, you can create funny animations with many available frames. Remember to save your favorite elements to reuse in new projects!

Easily create vector and bitmap graphics

The Vector Graphics feature helps you create animated videos easily. A vector is an image frame in 2D or 3D that you can add to an animated video. In addition, you can also animate using bitmap images in Video Graphics. Create your custom vector & bitmap images! Alight Motion Pro allows users to edit vector graphics right on their smartphone.

Use thousands of unique fonts

Alight Motion Pro provides 2000 available fonts. If you don’t like the thousands of fonts available in the App, you can also add your own. As a result, you can create unique text layers and quickly animate text in various forms. You can change the font to add movement of the lyrics without watermarks, captions, or cool chats. You use your creativity to create eye-catching and engaging readers.

Multiple export format options

Alight Motion Pro allows users to export in many video formats or export a specific image frame from a video. The application is available in various video and animation formats, including MP4 (video), GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG, and more. In addition, you can also easily share these files with any social network. Moreover, you can also change the video ratio with popular ratios like 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3.

User-friendly interface and easy to use

Alight Motion Pro has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to use for everyone. The App is suitable for anyone, including professional video editors for beginners. After a few minutes, everyone can use the App’s features quickly.

The application provides a video editing experience that is not inferior to similar software on the computer. If you use this application on a smartphone, any editing is very simple, and you only need to control your finger. Everything is not complicated at all!

KineMaster – Video Editor” is also a leading powerful video editor, and it makes video editing fun on smartphones. Besides the friendly interface, the application also owns many powerful editing tools, and the collection is extensive with more than 2,500 transitions, effects, videos and images, stickers, fonts and animations.

VivaCut – Pro Video Editor” is a powerful video editor, and it is suitable for anyone. The application has all the necessary video editing features, suitable for both aesthetic movies and casual video memories. In addition, the application also supports quick sharing on social networks such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.


In short, if you are a lover of Animation and Graphics design, then Alight Motion Pro is a great choice. This App has amazing visual effects to make the most interesting videos. You will love the amazing Key Frame feature as it allows you to edit each motion frame. In addition, you can easily customize the size and shape of the object in any frame.

The App also offers a wide range of colors and specific visual effects. The App allows you to change custom aspect ratios for images and videos. You use blend modes to add various layers and use Vector Graphics & Photo Maps. The application can export MP4 videos and animated GIFs in many formats and high definition. The App also allows users to save drafts or favorite elements for new projects.

Download Alight Motion pro version to make the most creative and quality videos! Don’t forget to post your favorite works on different social networks to share the joy with everyone!

Download Alight Motion Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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