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2ndLine MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v22.19.0.0

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Developer TextNow, Inc.
Latest Version
Size 208 MB
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Requires 6.0 and up
Updated 2022-05-20
5/5 - (1 vote)

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2ndLine – Second Phone Number is one of the top communication apps on Android, and it allows users to create a second phone number (from the US or Canada) on their smartphone. Thanks to valuable features, you can send text messages and make calls from two different phone numbers on a single device.

General information about 2ndLine

2ndLine is TextNow’s flagship communication app, compact in size, well optimized for smartphones, compatible with Android & iOS, and reaches tens of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store.

The app offers toll-free US or Canadian second phone numbers. The application works well on smartphones and tablets. The app allows users to call and text from a different number on electronic devices over Wi-Fi or your existing cellular network with anyone in the US and Canada.

The app is a full-featured business phone system designed for mobile professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. In particular, the application is entirely free, and you do not need to pay any fees to try it out.

Get a unique local phone number

2ndLine brings unique local phone numbers to users, and you can also choose the range of numbers to your liking. From here, you can use your very own phone number to communicate privately with your friends. In particular, users can make unlimited free calls to any phone number in the US and Canada.

In addition, the application also supports Cheap International Calling. So you need to top up or earn free money by completing offers, then make low-cost international calls. Surprise your loved ones with a warm buzz from an unknown number!

Full of essential features

2ndLine is Full of crucial elements. A phone number is not just a meaningless sequence of numbers, and it can do many things, like make and receive voice calls and create voicemail recordings. In particular, the application also supports hundreds of emojis, stickers, and gifs, so you always have happy Communication.

In addition, the application supports sending, receiving, and saving images without limits, so you can ultimately share cute photos with any friends in your contacts. Finally, the app also supports Caller ID, so you can easily manage your contact records.

Highly secure communication

2ndLine also impresses with its high-security capabilities. The application allows you to protect your phone number with a password. This way, you can ultimately ensure the safety of text messages sent and received from virtual numbers. It’s great to stay safe sending voice and picture messages in today’s dangerous internet age!

Cool security features include PassCode (keeps your messages locked and keyed) and Google SmartLock (no need to remember your password). Of course, you can also redirect calls at will at any time.

Many customizations at will

2ndLine also has many unique customizations. Users can add their signature to each document; customize Message Ringtone, Text Ringtone, and Vibration; customize the Wallpaper to your liking; create ringtone and background for each contact individually.

In addition, the app has a “Unified Inbox” feature, which helps you send and receive messages directly via 2ndLine – the superb one-stop SMS messaging app. Finally, the “Flex calling” feature is a great addition, as it helps you choose the best possible route to generate the best quality calls.

Why do you need to load 2ndLine?

2ndLine has many valuable features, but do you need to use it? The answer is yes. Nowadays, your actual phone number is vulnerable to unauthorized use by telecom regulators, so you can be regularly attacked by marketing SMS messages and unsolicited marketing calls.

If you are an individual and use 2ndLine, it helps add a private online account. You’re free to shop or use social media without worrying about privacy anymore.

If you are a business and use 2ndLine, it can be used as a dedicated customer line. From here, you have complete peace of mind and are more manageable between separate work and personal relationships.

Finally, the app is entirely safe because the app developer TextNow (which has been around since 2009) has an excellent reputation. However, 2ndLine is like any telecommunications application, so it will need to store your actual number. From here, your Communication can be recorded. It’s best to check the Privacy Policy before signing up.

Alternative applications to 2ndLine

Truecaller is an essential app for a secure, comfortable communication experience. Thanks to the app, you can see who is calling and are always protected from spam and scams. The app also warns about robots, fraudsters, telemarketers, and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers. The app has intelligent AI, automatically blocking and protecting you from scam calls and SMS. Finally, millions of users update the spam list in real-time.

GO SMS Pro is a fun add-on if you want a great & unique texting experience. The app offers hundreds of beautiful theme wallpapers, lovely stickers, private boxes, pop-ups, GO chat (send free SMS & MMS), dual sim support, etc.


In short, 2ndLine is a handy app for those who need a second phone number. Thanks to valuable features, you will have a more comfortable and secure communication experience.

In particular, the application is free and safe, and many exciting features are waiting for you to discover. Download “2ndLine” now to own some tremendous virtual phone numbers!

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